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There's almost nothing I love more than talking business.

As a passionate and detail-oriented business leader and development consultant, I enjoy mastering complex projects with a holistic approach. A large part of my success while working with people stems from my ability to cultivate an intuitive and empathetic understanding of their needs and spearhead each project from there.


From small, solo projects to creative collaborations, I’m always looking for a chance to explore new partnerships and new possibilities, find undiscovered avenues and make meaningful connections that impact our community -- here at home and far beyond.

With over ten years of aggregate marketing experience in support of philanthropic campaigns and business growth, I can help you identify what you need, make strategic investments in yourself, your business, and your organization -- and achieve significant long-term results.


Contact me to discuss how we can do something great together.


Samples of philanthropic work are included and described below.

Arts & Sciences Magazine

Fall 2018 Arts & Sciences Magazine. Talk to me about customization detail on this project! Portfolio-held constituents received this redesigned magazine with a belly band note, including personalized, custom text from their gift officer. Many new donor meetings and gifts were credited to this mailing and its level of customization. A digital offering was sent to all contactable constituents.

University President's Communications

With nearly 40 segments and several hundred thousand households mailed, the President's Letter projects are flagship direct mail pieces in a cohesive, strategic multi-year communication plan. Over just two fiscal years, our team reduced the cost to raise $1 from $0.11 to $0.09 for the President's Office communications. This sample is from fall 2017, and notably continued to elevate fundraising during a time of Presidential transition at the University of Virginia.

Madison Hall UVA.jpg
HOP logo.png

Philanthropy Newsletters

Reimagining a print newsletter to provide value and emphasize the impact of donors in medicine in our community. This direct mail piece and leave-behind was carefully designed to be appropriate for general use and knowledge in sharing the advantages in working with nonprofit hospices as a patient or patient family. All constituents received this information in print or digital format.

Leadership Donor Stewardship

Creating an accessible, meaningful gift for leadership donors to the area's largest nonprofit hospice. This project was created in the likeness of another leadership donor mailing and generated similarly notable results - increased meetings and engagement from this pool and prospects.

HOP Piedmont Society Welcome Kit IMG.jpg
HOP 40th Anniversary Infographic IMG.jpg

Multi-Use Infographics

Celebrating the 40th anniversary of the area's largest nonprofit hospice, this infographic was used for new patients and patient family information, at community events, and among volunteers and donors.

Leadership Donor Letters

This project explored and helped us understand the value of volunteer signatories in leadership donor populations. The stewardship involved in categorizing and deploying prospective signatories uncovered opportunities for smaller networking groups ahead of the University's largest campaign. The specificity of each letter via custom variable text and data yielded great results. 


Even the ask within the letter text is variable and custom to each constituent - coordinated with a high-end reply device that accompanied this monarch-sized letter in a bifold format and real-pen addressed envelope.

Benefactors Society Letter IMG.jpg
GivingTuesday 2020

GivingTuesday Campaigns

This is just one sliver of just one GivingTuesday campaign in healthcare philanthropy. With many years of giving day experience, including supporting UVA's GivingToHoosDay, one of the country's largest university giving days ($2mm+ annual), I can help you create a giving day campaign that brings results, suits your organization now, and will grow with you!

Dean's Letters

This project marked the first time in the College of Arts & Science's philanthropy history that all contactable constituents were mailed (!). This was the start of a two-year engagement strategy, placed ahead of and in support of an elaborate strategy for the Foundation's and University's largest-ever campaign. The tactical implementations of this long-term plan began with the Fall 2018 Arts & Sciences Dean's Letter and creation of supportive white papers.

old cabell hall.webp
HOP EOCY Appeal Dec 2020 IMG.jpg

Year End Letters

Here we tested a redesigned format of a classic (and vital) direct mail piece. In design, it is part of the "matching luggage" of other marketing and development materials. This project includes aspects of mailings we had seen escalating results for in previous iterations (this included things like pull-quotes in design, "listicles," the use of bold in text, left justified variable constituent data, and tax-season-timed language).

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